Jasper Cousins

Kinetic & Interactive

Intronaughts with Green Ginger

I spent 4 weeks as an intern with Green Ginger, helping them at their Bristol studio and in Norway with NVT I assisted with making some of the props for their show Intronaughts. The pieces I was most involved in making were the medium and small scale submarine pods.

Static Modelmaking

1/100 scale architectural model of the Danjiang bridge in Taiwan.
1/20 scale "Nomos Table" group Uni Project with two other students.

VR Projects

Winner of "Be That Little Dude: Beeple VR Design Competition"

This is an alien environment I made for the "Be That Little Dude: Beeple VR Design Competition" (find out more about the competition here: http://kingdeluxe.ca/beeple-vr/)

The environment is inspired by "MILKGOO" one of Beeple's surreal images! It was made over a few weeks, and is now online in VRChat for anyone with VR (or even without) to explore.

Forsaken Spire

I've tried many different VR climbing games, and none have captured the true feeling of climbing for me, all far to static, predictable and undynamic. What I'm working on with Lusus Digital is a purely physics based system, where it is about the balancing of forces such as friction, and inertia that hold you on the wall, not the pulling of trigger buttons!

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VR First Person Dragon Game

Take to the air as a dragon! Flap, swoop, glide, bank and climb to move around in an exhilarating VR experience. Your hands become dragon wings, no longer is flight a zero-g thing you do by double tapping space! No, every swing of your arms is a flap, the tilt of your wrist the transition from a glide to a swoop, to a banking turn or gentle landing.

Download here:

Digital Models / Cinematics

View/perchance any of my models using one of the store links below:

CG TraderSketchfabUnity Asset StoreUnreal Engine Marketplace

Game Prototypes

Gravity Gobbler

Gravity Gobbler is an otherworldly physics puzzle platformer, Use the mind bending gravity to your advantage, orbiting, bouncing and rolling to out manoeuvre your mechanical foes.

Download here:

Dragon Sim

Ever wanted a game where you fly about as a dragon? This is where the VR dragon game started off.


Segmented is a physics puzzle game about slicing stuff up with lasers!

Made in 5 days for the Unreal engine 4 October game jam 2016, however I hope to add more to this game in the future.

Download here:

Egg Delivery

Egg Delivery is a Puzzle game made in a couple of days for the April Unreal Engine 4 games jam, themed: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," So I created this small game to allow you to put the saying to the test! Is it better to use more than one basket and if so how many?

Full project files available for anyone curious

Download here:

Run Rabbit Run!

Run Rabbit Run is a fun fast paced local multiplayer game featuring rabbits and a fox for 2 players. 2 Game modes, peaceful or predator and pray and a unique minimal style.

Download here:

Harsh Winds

Harsh Winds is a fast paced local versus game With realistic sailing and weather mechanics in a detailed yet stylised visual style.

A game for 2 seafarers, where both take the helm of sailing ships in a fast paced skirmish where your skill at riding the winds will give you the upper hand in a fight!

Download here:

Sculpting and Ceramics

Green Woodwork

Email: Jazzcousins@gmail.com
Phone: 07483245364